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Mac Repairs

Laptop Screen Repair, Free Quote on Repairs

Mac Repair Service

Is your Mac in need of some extra care? As our devices get older, they often stop working as well as they used to. Processes that were once instant now take double or triple as long to complete. It can become incredibly frustrating to use your device when it’s not working the way it’s supposed to. Everything running way too slow. Software issues popping up out of the blue, leaving you scratching your head. Even physical damage to your screen or hardware due to accidents around the home. Whatever the issue is, Geelong Mac Tech are here to offer you all the Mac repair services you need. At affordable pricing options and always reliable, we provide quick and easy Mac repairs for customers all around Geelong, Torquay and the Surfcoast area.

Mac Laptop Repairs

There’s a long list of reasons why your Mac might not run like it used to. These can range from software issues such as outdated operating systems or the presence of spyware, all the way to hardware problems like malfunctioning RAM or crashed, unstable hard drives. The older your computer or laptop is, the more susceptible it is to these common issues. While it might not always be convenient, the longer you put off addressing these sorts of computer problems, the worse it can get. Eventually leading to situations where you risk permanently losing important data and functions of your device. Don’t wait any longer, if your laptop or desktop computer is in need of any sort of repair, contact Geelong Mac Tech today to find out exactly what we can do for you.

Services We Provide

Repair of Slow or Unstable Crashing Macs

Damaged Screen Repair

Full Screen Replacements

Flickering Screen and Backlight Repair

Liquid Spill Damage Repairs

Keyboard Repair and Replacement

Trackpad Repair and Replacement

Help With Startup Issues, such as: Folder Icons with Question Mark, Circle with Slash Through, Stuck at Apple logo or Grey/White/Black screen

Black Screen Even With Power At USB Ports

Faulty Port Replacement - USB, HDMI


Excess Noise

Dust Build Ups

HDD Replacements or Upgrades To super fast SSDs

Battery or Charger issues

Call us now and book your Mac laptop in for repair:

Windows Laptop and PC Repair

At Geelong Mac Tech, our speciality is all things Mac, however, we accept other manufactures too! Our expert repair staff are more than equipped to handle any kind of computer or laptop repair services. If you’ve got an Acer, Asus, Dell, Lenovo or any other kind of device, you’re more than welcome to contact us for more information about how we can help fix your issue.

A Mac is not just a computer, it's a way of life...

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